Isaac Harmelin's photo.

Will has been feeding rough sleepers and the homeless, five days a week, for several years. Through his organisation, he has built up a rapport with many of his inner-city regulars who recognise his friendly, open, all-welcome attitude and characteristic cheeky banter.

Tonight, at the end of a huge effort to put on a special dinner-party style affair with mains, dessert, donated clothes and toiletries, a young gentleman gave an emotional musical performance in which he thanked Will for changing his life after being released from prison. Not only has this man turned his life around, but is now on the other side, volunteering for Will.

Boss, standing with Will, is the managing-director and is equally committed to doing what she can to make people’s lives a little easier. These people are the real deal, this is what it’s about. A small, non-profit organisation making a material difference.

In Will’s own words, “I was trying to think of a way to help people, and I was like, ‘I can’t really do anything’. But it doesn’t take a degree or a lot of experience to give someone a sandwich.” – and that’s the point. Deliberating gets you to a certain point, but it’s about actually rolling up your sleeves and doing something.

Donations are great and if you can help out I know it would be appreciated. Even better, an hour of your time each week will help enormously to ease Will and the team’s load and you just have to see what a smile, handshake and hot meal can mean to someone. These people are genuine heroes, and that’s from the people who they’re helping.

Support a team of heroes and chuck in a like on their page, a dollar in their pocket, or an hour of your time


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