Front Page

Dear Daily Telegraph Editors,

The disgusting 2pm piece that you printed today [15/12/2014] breaches the Australian Press Council’s General Principles 1, 5 and 6. I have issued a formal complaint.

Regardless of the written standards to which you ought to adhere as a mainstream media organisation, how about demonstrating some journalistic integrity before making the editorial decision to publish blatantly false and misleading information as well as an identifiable image (I have posted a blurred version for obvious reasons) of a hostage on the front page of a periodical?

Your actions were reckless, negligent and shameful. Beyond that, they were against the advice of police for media to temper their responses and to publish responsibly.

How dare you publish disinformative tripe to extort terror victims and capitalise on their torment? You saw the lucrative potential of a shocking front page, and you certainly charged the paddles. This isn’t reporting in the public interest, this is profit-seeking duckspeak.

Your piece is harmful to Australia’s free, informed and socially cohesive discourse. It is sensationalist, inappropriate and inaccurate. You dishonour not only the victims, the outstanding police officers and dedicated standby paramedic crews, but also real-life, grown up, responsible media outlets and journalists.

I demand a national apology.

Isaac Harmelin

[I have also sent this to the Telegraph via separate channels since it appears they aren’t responding to Facebook complaints…on this piece, anyway]


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